Day 1. Saturday October 27.

All Saturday talks will take place Scott Hall - Room 103.

9:00am--10am Saharon Shelah (Rutgers)

10:30am--11:30am Natasha Dobrinen (Denver)
Title: Halpern-Lauchli Theorems on uncountable cardinals.

11:45am--12:45pm Nam Trang (North Texas)
Title: Forcing over models of determinacy

2:30pm--3:30pm William Chan (North Texas)

4:00pm-5:00pm Justin Moore (Cornell)
Title: non-$\sigma$-scattered linear orders

Day 2. Sunday October 28.

All Sunday talks will take place at Scott Hall - Room 103

9:30am--10:30am Gabriel Goldberg (Harvard)
Title: Strongly compact cardinals and the Ultrapower Axiom

11:00am--12 am Itay Neeman(UCLA)
Title: Some comments on Abraham-Rubin-Shelah coloring with large continuum

While graduate students, young researchers, female mathematicians and members of under-represented groups are particularly encouraged to apply for travel support, it should be stressed that any participants without their own sources of funding are eligible to apply. Requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis within the limits of the budget. Please send an email to Russell.Miller @

The conference will be supported by the NSF. The full schedule will appear below.